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Why choose hemp textile – 5 excellent reasons

Hemp sheets are an ecological option 

I am committed to making hemp textile an appealing option for a wider audience. This includes making it less sub-culture and giving it the position and design it deserves. As I told here, during my studies I learned about hemp fibre and marveled: why this textile isn’t more popular. It needs to be more widely used.

Globally this means more people opting for hemp. More farmers opting for hemp crops. More designers and engineers committing to the use of hemp. More companies opting for hemp textiles. The will and the people are there! The time is now.

So, let’s dive into the best reasons to choose hemp textile.

1. FRESH WATER. Compared to the most widely cultivated textile crop cotton, hemp requires a lot less irrigation. Putting a lot of pressure on the fresh water supply, the cotton crops cause problems to the ecosystem and the people living in the area. Obviously, hemp is not to be farmed in the desert, but saving fresh water for natural ecosystem and people is crucial.
2. THE SOIL. Hemp is relatively fast in growth and has strong roots and a high, bushy stalk. Not only is it improving the soil, but it also absorbs large amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2).
3. PRODUCTION IN EUROPE. Industrial hemp is cultivated also here, in Europe. Opting for European resources has a positive impact on the economy. Independence from having to import goods from far away is not a bad thing either. The fabric I use for Arctic Flora comes from Romania. 
4. STRENGTH. Hemp produces one of the most durable and robust fibre in the plant world. Depending on how it is processed, hemp fabrics are extremely strong, but there are soft and smooth options out as well. In any case, it lasts long and gets softer over time. The more you love and take care of it, the better it gets.
5. ENDLESS POSSIBILITES. Industrial hemp has a wide range of uses. Feeding people, producing biofuels, construction materials, substitutes for plastic and paper, just to mention a few. 
Is hemp textile ecological and good for the planet? Read more here.

Arriving to the conclusion that globally we are just waking up to the possibilities industrial hemp has to offer. This is for the curious and for the brave.