Arctic Flora hemp linens from Finland

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We are seekers on a journey to know our nature. A woman has traveled deep into the forest, wearing Arctic Flora hemp linens.

Know your nature

We are on a journey to know our nature. Choose less, but better guides us through. A woman is in her nature, sleeping in hemp linens.

hemp textiles for seekers

Made in Rovaniemi, finland

We use hemp fabric from Romania ja print them in Finland. Hemp textiles by Arctic Flora are nordic design inspired by the nature of the North.

by maker grown in sewing needles

The story


"This (Woodlands black) duvet cover works amazing with a weighted blanket. The fabric feels good on skin and the print is awesome." - Tero

"I just received my order and I wanted to let you know that I am really happy with the quality of the fabric. The print is just beautiful! Thank you very much." -Chloe

"Woodlands beige kitchen towel has delighted our daily life for almost six months now. The towel was soft, smooth and bendy from the first day. After several washes and uses the texture has only gotten better and the print is in mint condition. I give these towels my recommendations!" -Tiina

"The even surface of the hemp face cloth does the trick when removing a facial mask. The fabric is sturdy yet soft and I love to use it both dry and wet. Beautiful, practical and sustainable 5/5." -Aino

Handmade in Finland

Why hemp?

this way to textile peace

Tailored hemp textiles

Yes please
I was born and raised in berry picking lands and sewing pins. My passion is making hemp textiles. I've lived and loved under the enigmatic midnight sun. I'm wearing the Arctic Flora bucket hat, 100% hemp.

From me to you

The story