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Hemp face cloth

The hemp face cloth is humble looking yet useful to use in a simple skincare routine. It works wonderfully with oil cleansing while minimizing water usage and waste. You might want to try the face cloth with everyday oil cleansing – oil cleansing cakes and other options are abundant. 


Getting rid of sunscreens

The hemp face cloth is a solution to a common skincare problem during summer. Most sunscreens are water-resistant, so washing them off is not a simple task. Scrubbing with soap dries the skin and isn’t very effective either. Especially physical sunscreens are incredibly resistant to soap and water. 

Instead soak the sunscreen off using coconut oil.

Take a teaspoon of coconut oil and work it on skin. Wipe the oil + sunscreen off with damp hemp cloth and you’ll notice the difference. You might want to rinse the cloth with soap while doing this! Depending on the individual preferences, you also might want to finish with a soap wash, but it won’t dry your skin. Either way, you can enjoy clean and soft skin. For the face I recommend not using coconut oil, but lighter oils or even a designated oil cleansing concoction. 

Hemp face cloth is made out of densely weaved hemp fibre. While using the face cloth you can observe how the fabric softens and wears in. The cellular hemp fibre absorbs considerable amounts of moisture, thus tightening it. Notice how sturdy the fabric feels when wet. For this design, it is gently exfoliating, too. 

Because of the hemp cloth’s ability to absorb moisture, I have noticed that toner is better applied by hand and (if needed) finished with a cloth. I encourage you to explore the usage that works best for you.

Hemp face cloth is for you, if you relate to any of the following statements. 

You want to maintain a low-impact skincare routine. 

You love to treat yourself with oil treatments and use oil cleansing cakes.

You consider daily skincare routine as a pampering moment to self. 

You use regularly water-resistant cosmetics (sunscreen and/or make-up) and want to make sure you clean it all out. 

You are curious about zerowaste mindset. 

Said about the hemp face cloth

"This (face cloth) is wonderfully pleasant to use. Works well when removing a face mask." -Amanda

"The hemp face cloth is excellent paired with oil cleansing! Gently exfoliating touch of the hemp cloth feels good on my skin." -Saara

"Oily skin cleanses with ease and the cloth feels sturdy in a lovely way." -Emmi

Should you have any questions about how to use face cloth, sound off in the comments. 

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