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What kind of textiles belong to your life

It used to be common that textiles were created to last from one generation to another. It was normal that textiles stood the test of time. I want the heritage ideal to prevail again. 

We are an unique representation of an unique self. That is how we face the world and how we want to be seen. We are creative and inventive beings who have a fundamental need to communicate to other members of the social circle. 

Social belonging and self-expression are some of the most prominent, fundamental needs of humanity. 

The staggering production amounts of the modern textile industry and capitalism supporting it benefit a great deal of those human needs. The power of sales forces has conditioned us to believe that “so last season” is something to avoid. Perhaps many of us are familiar with being an outsider. Being “so last season” may trigger experiences of falling flat in social situations, especially painful to teenagers. 

Fast-paced seasons of new trends contribute to a culture where simply getting bored of items happens quickly. This is the epitome of short-sighted consumer culture, powered by both corporations and consumers – codependent as they are.

This is the point where clothes, textiles and overall items seem like a tiresome monument of old self – what a wonderful reason to buy new and better stuff. 

And yes I know – the self transforms. It grows and alters throughout the lifespan of a person. There are moments in every life where, as liberating as it is, a new way of self-expression is the only way forward. “Out with the old and in with the new”, as the saying goes.

(I find the blog post by Eeva Kolu where she encapsulates items as “having a voice” fascinating.) 

I am curious – are we able express our uniqueness through experiences, way of life and choices instead of through buying stuff? What sort of background noise are we willing to let into our homes?

What kind of immaterial life do you want?

Do you know your nature well enough to make purchases that support your life until the very end of the product’s life cycle? Or would you commit to items that serve others after you no longer want to have them? 

Whether we appreciate it or not – quality textiles withstand life & time for decades. The environmental impact of producing most consumer goods, however, will last after our earthly remains have turned to dust. 

My mission is to make textiles more valued and slow down their circulation.

I want the appreciation of the slowness of textiles to become mainstream again! They are an inseparable part of our life and self-expression. 

The point is that you acknowledge what kind of textiles support your way of life.

I'd love to hear your contemplations on the matter. Comment below if you'd like to share your thoughts. 

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