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A letter to seekers

Dear reader,

The fact that you are reading this letter means that you and I have something in common. We are both seeking. We are on a journey to know our nature. It is not always easy – struggles and challenges may arise, but we pick up and learn from them. 


We are seekers on a journey to know our nature. A woman is standing has traveled deep into the forest, wearing nothing but Arctic Flora linens

More than anything, I wish for you to have the courage and love to discover your very own, unique way of living. Time and again, we accept external expectations as seamless parts of our goals. Do you recognize them? Do you know what type of beliefs you carry out in your life?

I believe that when a person knows their nature, everything else falls in line effortlessly. 

Remember that it is always safe to get lost, to seek and to dwell again. We are never ready – it is lovely and awful at the same time. You are allowed to be unfinished.

I wish for curiosity on your journey. 

The ability to wonder guides you – may you never lose the playful and curious side of yourself. 

Have a beautiful and exciting summer,

With love, 

Tiina / Arctic Flora


Picture: Miika Hämäläinen

Model: Taimi

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